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Wanted: FUROSHIKI designs to make people want to use them every day.


The “FUROSHIKI” is an item which encapsulates the Japanese wisdom that “less is more.” This simple square piece of fabric has an infinite number of uses. It can be used to wrap gifts or refreshments for travel, used as a bag by attaching a handle, as a multi-purpose cover or tissue box cover. Increasingly, people are using FUROSHIKI in daily life.

Although the FUROSHIKI strongly evokes the image of an “ancient and traditional Japanese tool,” when we focus on its simplicity and convenience, and add pop and stylishly cool designs, wouldn’t everyone in the world want to use such a helpful item?

The PLAYFUL FUROSHIKI Project gathers FUROSHIKI designs born to such free and imaginative perspectives from around the world to be displayed at the digital fabrication cafe FabCafe Tokyo!



The FUROSHIKI became widely used during the Edo period when people would wrap their clothing and bathing accessories in them to take to the bathhouses. It is said that origins of the FUROSHIKI can be traced back to the Muromachi period.

Its appeals lay in its flexibility(one could wrap just about anything in it) and vividly colorful graphic designs. They have become so popular that many visitors to Japan will take them home as souvenirs. Several famous overseas designer brands have used them as eco-friendly wrapping to package items.


The fabric is a simple, square shape. The main styles are small sizes measuring about 50 cm(for wrapping bento lunches, etc.), and larger items for carrying clothing and tools – about 100 to 105 cm.


Thin and durable fabric is used. Traditionally FUROSHIKI were made primarily of cotton and silk. In the modern era, a variety of new materials such as rayon, polyester, and acetate are also now used. Some types utilize super water repellent processing and can even be used as ground sheets or simplified buckets.

Styles, uses:

1.To wrap and carry clothing and accessories.

FUROSHIKI have traditionally been used to wrap clothing. In recent years increasingly more people have been using them as eco-friendly reusable bags for shopping.

2.To wrap gifts and souvenirs.

In Japan, FUROSHIKI are often used to wrap gifts(such as for year-end occasions) and souvenirs.

3. For wrapping interior decorations.

FUROSHIKI can be used for a variety of items in interior decoration, such as multi-purpose covers for tissue boxes, or to protect and conceal the contents of shelves and baskets.

Outline for call of entries to the PLAYFUL FUROSHIKI Project:

Theme for entries:
FUROSHIKI designs to make people want to use them every day.
We want FUROSHIKI designs that will match with 1 of the following 3 situations.

・Wrap your GIFTS:For wrapping gifts
・Wrap your LIFESTYLE: For wrapping interior decoration items in daily life
・Wrap as FASHION: Wrapping that can be used as fashion

Entry period:
May 17, 2017 ~ June 20, 2017

Design rules:
• Designs must be built as a square-shaped fabric.
• Estimated actual size must fit the general specifications used in FUROSHIKI sizes, 100 cm x 100 cm.
• Designs should, as much as possible, incorporate their specific and actual use(such as for wrapping objects or used as a bag).

File specifications for submissions:
File specifications for submissions:
JPEG or PNG format images / 1500 pixels x 1500 pixels / 72 dpi / 5 MB or less

Screening process:
The editorial department will screen and select entries.

FUROSHIKI – 10 winners
*Production size: 100*100cm (the size may be changed), Please submit data in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) form, CS2 version.
*We mail the furoshiki after display.

Sample works

キョロロロロ Designed by Shinjiro

Designed by Shinjiro

ピクニック祭り Designed by Hiroya Kaya

Designed by Hiroya Kaya

妻有ポーク Designed by GRM

Designed by GRM

自然の恵み Designed by Mariko Terai

Designed by Mariko Terai

火焔式土器柄 Designed by kowaza

Designed by kowaza

縞 Designed by Pikarikana

Designed by Pikarikana

Let's design "FUROSHIKI" - a simple and convenient fabric that can be transformed for many different uses.

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