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Wanted: Beach sandal designs that will make you excited to wear sandals!

When it comes to beloved summer items, a major one is beach sandals. Isn’t it true that many people love the convenience of sandals, not only for the beach, but for how easy they are to wear on holidays?

In the past, beach sandals were something to wear on off days, but now they have been gaining attention as a useful fashion item.


For the “Happy Sandals Project,” we are inviting you to send in designs for that must-have summer item, beach sandals. Beach sandals make us feel free, and even our spirits feel lighter when we wear them. Why not add your own original design and uplift your happy summer feelings even higher?

We’re looking forward to unique and message-filled beach sandal designs that will be fun to wear and decorate!

If we select your wonderful design, we will print it out to create beach sandals and present them to you as a gift.

Point of SANDALS Design

1. design an insole part

It is an insole part of sandals that an original can design it this time. You can print a favorite image, a pattern.
The beach sandal cuts and brings down a model of the sole from a square board.
please think about a state and the state only for sandals that you fitted in the stand, a design to be able to enjoy both.


A clog thong (strap) and the sole are two colors of orange or black .
Please design in combination the color of the clog thong and the design of the insole.


Submission process

1. Download a template and create image data for submission.


* Download the data from the linked page.
* Use the downloaded data to create your design.
* You can fill the entire frame with your design if you like.

2. Specifications for file submissions
Design images for submission
Image data must be in JPEG or PNG format / 72 dpi / Color: RGB / Please restrict file size to within 7 MB
* We will ask winners to re-submit their designs in deliverable manuscript size

3. Click open the form, and upload your image file.
Click the “Participate” button to open the form.


Entry requirements

What to enter:
• A beach sandal design to make you happy, from the bottoms of your feet

• A submission must be an original work designed through a free expression of your vision and ideas.
• You are free to express your vision however you please – whether as an illustration, graphic, sketch, or photo, etc.
• Please release your submission under a “non-profit” Creative Commons license.

Design submission period:June 26(Monday) – July 25(Tuesday), 2017

How judging will be conducted: Selections will be made by the editorial team

Prizes:Winners whose works are selected will receive a gift of beach sandals printed by!



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