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Creative Commons Global Summit 2011 Poster Competition


The 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit will be held in Warsaw, Poland, and we are now accepting poster design applications! This is a chance for your work to stand on the world’s grand stage. We ask for your active participation!

What is Creative Commons(CC)?

In the internet age, CC is a new license (copyright) system based on the premise of free dissemination and sharing of such creative works as text, photos, graphics, source code, music, technology and so on.

Creative Commons is an international agency with the mission of spreading Creative Commons licenses throughout the globe. Currently, the Creative Commons license has been implemented in over 70 nations, and the system has been adopted by global sites for creative sharing such as YouTube and Flickr (and of course, Loftwork).

Currently, over five hundred million works are open to the public based on CC licenses. This open and creative way of thinking is rapidly permeating the globe.

>>more infomation

What type of event is the Creative Commons Global Summit?

Photo by BobChao | CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo by BobChao | CC BY-SA 2.0

For three days in September, the Creative Commons community will convene in Warsaw, Poland, for the Creative Commons Global Summit 2011.
It will bring together the CC Affiliate Network, CC board and staff, key stakeholders and many others to engage strategically on issues related to the future of our shared commons, to renew and further build CC’s vital community, to collaborate on mutual projects and initiatives, and to celebrate our successes as we head towards the end of our first decade together.

>>more information about CC Global Summit 2011

Poster Competition

Theme: “Powering an Open Future”

For almost ten years, Creative Commons (CC) has been the leader in providing open tools and licensing options designed to foster productivity and collaboration. In that time we have gone from an idea to a global leader in sharing culture, with over 500 million works worldwide now available under a CC license. CC plays a key role in creating a balance between the reality of the Internet and the reality of copyright laws.

The Creative Commons Global Summit 2011 provides an opportunity for volunteers, industry leaders and practitioners of the worldwide open content licensing movement will explore and showcase the past, present and future of Creative Commons, copyright and free culture. It will be an event focused on sharing, openness and collaboration, with an eye towards setting the path for the Creative Commons community over its next 10 years.

Submission Rules

All submitted works should be:

● shared under CC-BY license. >>more information about the license
● laid out event logo provided by CC. (to download the logo data, click here.)
● PDF file saved from AI data / CMYK
● If you are planning to use other people’s material in your poster (eg by making a collage), you must:
– ensure the material is free to be used under a CC BY license
– attribute the original author of the work when you submit the poster

More information on finding Creative Commons material is available here.
Information on attributing Creative Commons material is available here.


20, Aug 2011 20:00 Japan time 22, Aug 2011 20:00 Japan time


Poster designs will be judged in two ways, with one work selected by each.

1. By the Judges
Selection by the Creative Commons international panel

2. Popular Vote
Determined by the highest number of Facebook “likes” received

How to Vote
・Each work has ‘Like’ button on their page. You can vote to it by pressing the button.
・Votes are not limited to one per person. If there are several sites that you like, feel free to vote for all of them.


● Introduction at an international event of people gathered from all over the world
● Gift of the printed poster from a professional publishing company in Warsaw

>>Submit your work

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